Dear all.

After what seems to be the longest break, I have finally cleaned up a little here at WriteToThem. I’m now in charge, but prefer to stay anonymous. I’d love you guys to keep writing in, I promise more activity.

To write, just send your letter to and spill your heart out. No name will be used, and if you don’t know how to get started, read our first post here. Of course, you should read the other posts written and posted here as well.

Cheers to a new start with a lot of letters.
It’s your words, write them before you forget.
It’s never to late.


Om writetothem

Send your letter to, write who it’s for (you can make up whatever you like) and who it’s from (same here) so you recognize your own letter. Write it in the language you want. Sometimes you write what the heart can’t say.
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2 svar til Dear all.

  1. I think you have a very clever idea for a forum. I just may find an old letter that i never sent, or maybe will write a new one. Thanks for the comment!

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