Letter #5 Dear change.

Dear change.

I’ve been meaning to write to you for a long time but I haven’t found the opportunity until now. I don’t really know where to start either, but I’ll try my best. For a long time I’ve been wanting to do something drastic about my life. I want to fly! I want to live! I want to become someone else. Yesterday I talked to a stranger at the grocery store and although the response wasn’t huge, it felt really good.

Maybe it was the start of the new me? I hereby promise myself to do something challenging every day. Talking to strangers, taking a random bus, walk around in dresses, sing loudly in the streets and so on. I feel better already, I hope more people will join me! Any other suggestions on what a human can do to live her life a little more?!
Love, your caterpillar.
– please let me become a butterfly soon!


Om writetothem

Send your letter to writetothem@gmail.com, write who it’s for (you can make up whatever you like) and who it’s from (same here) so you recognize your own letter. Write it in the language you want. Sometimes you write what the heart can’t say.
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4 svar til Letter #5 Dear change.

  1. freebirdmani sier:

    Beautiful expression of the change. We all are part of it and this is quite obvious » Change is the law of Nature».

    Thank you for your visit and comments
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    Thanks you again.

  2. Change is difficult. It requires that we break free from the chains of comfort. What we’ve always known. I think getting out and forcing yourself to do something that you don’t normally do is an excellent tactic. I went through something similar not too long ago. I created a bucket list of things that I said I’d always had an interest in. Then I started marking them off. Bungey jumping. Bar tending. Things like that. I encouraged friends and family to do the same thing with me.

  3. freebirdmani sier:

    I want to write and visit you again but I dont see you writing anymore. Please come back and share your writings again 🙂


    • writetothem sier:

      Sorry for the absence! We are now back, but because of the lack of readers and letters sent in it was decided to take a break! Another letter was posted today though so keep reading! Thanks!! 🙂

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