Letter #6 Dear you

I’ve written you letters before and this is the only one I’m not gonna tell you about. I think. I haven’t really decided yet. Anyways. These are the thoughts I don’t wanna tell you.

After you joined the military and I moved to take my masters, we only see each other once a month or so. It’s going so much better than I thought! I love you so much, and I know you love me too. I still carry one little secret. As you know, I am very inpatient, and once a month or so, I think about what if today is our last?

Someone once told me to live the life I wanted, right now. I realize I still have to spend time studying, working and other chores, but I want a family, a home to call my own. I see the girls we grew up with starting their families, and I see friends loosing dear ones way to often these days. I know we could manage it if we were to start our family. I’m torn! I LOVE our lives now, but as said, once in a while this thought strikes me, and I wish I could tell you! I wish I knew what you felt so we could talk about it?

I know how much you love me, and believe me, it goes both ways. I’ve never been as happy as I am right now. You and me forever babe. Pinky swear.



Om writetothem

Send your letter to writetothem@gmail.com, write who it’s for (you can make up whatever you like) and who it’s from (same here) so you recognize your own letter. Write it in the language you want. Sometimes you write what the heart can’t say.
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