Letter 1 # Dear life.

Dear life, and everyone it may concern:
I’ve decided to change my habits, my thinking, my clothing, my way of living. I’ve never been so determined, but things has lately gotten more difficult. Even writing here is hard, although it is anonymous I feel as if my name is written all over the post. Anyway, I just wanted to share with the world that I am ready to change and I started for real today.

Love the idea of writing under an unknown id. Anybody else who has written or is going to? I also need some advice! I want to be a «dress and class» girl, but what do I do when winter comes??

Love, GirlofChange.

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Let’s get started!

Did you ever write a letter, a card, a note for someone, but they never read it? Have you ever wanted to say something to another person or the world for that matter, but never dared to? Here is your chance. Writetothem is an anonymous site where you can send in your letters, see them black on white in a blogpost, and maybe, your dear john (or jane) will read it…

Send your letter to writetothem@gmail.com, write who it’s for (you can make up whatever you like) and who it’s from (same here) so you recognize your own letter. Write it in the language you want.

Sometimes you write what the heart can’t say.

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